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Hurricane Ida Notice

Supreme Power wish to encourage everyone that was affected by Hurricane Ida. We understand the severity of a natural disaster and is always ready to help our fellow patrons at a moments notice.

We are  ready and prepared to have your system back up and running in no time. If you need your solar system removed and reinstalled or have your system checked for damages, please give us a call at   

1-800-975-7964 or 225-442-3160.   For more information about disaster recovery: CLICK HERE

Message to all solar customers needing maintenance.

​​​​​​​Are you in need of solar maintenance services because your former solar company moved out of state?  Then Supreme Power Solar Maintenance is here to help!

Increase Solar Production


Keep solar production high and bills low with our panel cleaning, inspection, and monitoring combo package for just $24.99/month.

Catch Issues with-in 24 hours


With our production software, we can catch issues quickly, minimize system down time and eliminate high bills.

Maximize Investment Savings


Solar is a costly investment. Supreme Power Maintenance is here to keep your system running optimally, maximize performance and increase potential savings.

The Benefits of Service

Having your solar serviced regularly by a professional can increase production efficiency and reduce the possibility of system failure.  Maximize your potential solar savings with Supreme services.

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Newly Available Products

We offer these amazing products and serivces to all our customers. 

Power Dash Monitoring

Sign up for our exclusive solar monitoring software.

Sense Energy Monitor

Want to know where your energy usage is going?

System Troubleshooting

Experiencing production issues? One of our technicians can help.

Battery Backup

Store energy produced by your solar panels for later usage.

Our Partners


“We were impressed with the install crew; the process was fast and they all seemed to be very well trained in their jobs.We would recommend Supreme Power to anyone contemplating having solar installed.”


Client Supreme Power

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

           “Well presented website, prompt response and professional attitude in dealing with a customer. Very good communication through emails. Knowledgeable and open consultation in person.”


Client Supreme Power

Shreveport, Louisiana


Outstanding customer service from everyone involved, the Energy Consultant was very knowledgeable, the Installers were efficient and Admin staff very prompt in sending documentation and answering questions.”


Client Supreme Power

Lacombe, Louisiana


Extremely happy with the installation of our Solar Panels- from Neil and the office staff, to the boys installing. Couldn't have picked better people to deal with. And, they managed to install the panels on the only dry day amongst all this wet weather.“


Client Supreme Power

Metairie, Louisiana

           “I was very happy with the service that Supreme Power provided from start to finish. Their consultant was very courteous, friendly and knowledgeable. Their installation team were very obliging.”


Client Supreme Power

New Orleans, Louisiana


"Great company to deal with. Very impressed with the quality of the Solar products and with maintenance contract. Producing a lot more power than I would have expected for its size.”


Client Supreme Power

Laplace, Louisiana      



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Supreme Power PlansTM

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2 Panel Cleanings per year

2 Visual Inspections per year

2 Energy Audits and Assessment per year

Supreme Monitoring Service




3 Panel Cleanings per year

3 Visual Inspections per year

3 Energy Audits and Troubleshooting Issues

Supreme Monitoring Service





4 Panel Cleanings per year

4 Visual Inspections per year

4 Energy Audits and Troubleshooting Issues

Supreme Monitoring Service