Supreme Power will take care of all your customer  commercial and residential needs. 


Many residential solar companies are inudated with the day-to-day business operations of running their business and are sometimes unaware of customer system status, continuous production issues, roof leak repairs, etc.  Supreme Power is here to help!


We offer immediate worry-free assistance to keep your business on track by offering an assortment of maintenance services for your customers.  This includes emergency  24hr. services, panel cleaning, real-time monitoring, removals/reinstalls, system audits, troubleshooting, solar hot water maintenance, energy assessments, inspections, crittter guards, production analysis, etc.  Let us create a worry-free zone for your business. 


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Your commercial solar systems are very valuable to your company and sometimes without proper ensight, many issues can go unnoticed.  Operations and maintenance is key to keeping happy customers. 

We provide 24 hour impecable service, reliable real-time moniting, system audits, troubleshooting, inspections, panel cleaning and production analysis for solar farms, commercial and industrial plants, buildings or facilities.   


Let use help you continue to provide the best services to your customers by offering our top-notch, 24-hour excellent service to keep your company at the fore-front of its competetitors. 


To find out more about the services we offer, please contact us below.