PV Solar System Inspectors

Supreme Power's Solar Inspectors can ensure that your residential or commercial solar system is compliant with product manufacturers installation instructions, Jurisdiction codes and industry best practices.

Why Choose Supreme Power Inspectors for your commercial and residential solar systems?

Why do we inspect?

We ensure installations are completed in a manner that deliver the intended result.  We inspect all projects to verify compliance with program rules and technical requirements.

What to expect during an expection?

The purpose of the inspections is to verify the system installation meets industry requirements.  Inspections typically take one hour to complete and involve the customer, inspector and the contractor.  

What happens after the inspection?

The contractor is notified of results of the inspections.  Should any issues be identified, the contractor will be made aware of corrective measures.  

3 reasons on why you need  solar system inspections!

​​​​​​​1. The SolarInspector provides residential and commercial PV solar inspection services. Comprehensive analytics and performance evaluation including panels, wiring, inverters, racking and any safety/code issues."

2. We visit the site, verifying that the system is complete, compliant with applicable codes, and operating correctly.

3. Inspectors play a critical role in ensuring quality renewable energy installations primarily intended for individuals performing system inspections for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ’s), utilities, incentive programs, investors, and others performing quality assurance of PV systems.  

Troubleshooting Checklist

We Check:

  • Solar panel Array -Circuit conductor, modules, wire ties, etc.
  • DC Optimizers - ECG, Rapid Shutdown, grounding, etc.
  • Structural (Roof or Ground Mount) - penetrations, rafters, racking, etc.
  • Junction Boxes - wirenuts, UL listings, grounding equipment, etc.
  • Inverters - number of strings, conduit supports, penetrations, etc. 
  • Microinverters - Micro chassis, EGC & GEC protections, RSD, etc.
  • AC Combiner - branch circuits, OCPD, enclosures, labeling, breakers, etc.
  • Load-Side Connections - OCPD, conductors, backfed breakers, etc.
  • Supply-Side Connections - Disconnects, SEC, OCPD neutral bonding, etc.
  • General -  Work is neat according to NEC 110.12 - Photos will be taken!
  • Clearances - Observed per NEC 110.26. 

If you are a residential or commerical company requiring solar inspectors, then Supreme Power is right for you!

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