Engineering and Design

If you are in the process of adding solar panels to an existing home, moving your solar to another location or your company is in need of accurate system design services? 

Then Supreme Power is the right fit for you!

Design Services

Our design team understand your company's vision and can put together a detailed design illustation of your new or existing solar system.  Supreme Power tailor our design based on different city and municipal codes and regulations.  We use the latest technology and software to give you the best design possible for large to small scale projects. During the design phase, our team create electrical one-line diagrams and photovoltaic plans using computer-aided design (or CAD) software. 

We design: Grid-Tied, Off-Grid, ground mount, roof top system, RV's, battery-backup, DC & AC Coupled systems, residential/commercial projects, etc.

Our software includes: Helioscope for commercial projects and Aurorasolar for residential projects. 


Supreme Power understand the time-sensitive nature of your project and will work effortlessly to produce great designs.   


To find out more about the services we offer, please contact us below.


Solar Engineering Services

Our solar engineers can plan, design and implement solar energy projects.  We can manage anything from large-scale commercial projects to residential roof top installations. 

Our engineers may also oversee or manage implementation of the plan and provide detailed reports on the efficiency, cost, and safety of the project. 


Maintenance Services for your project

Once your project is completed, we understand that operations and maintenance is key to keeping happy customers. 

We provide 24/7 impecable service, reliable real-time moniting, system audits, troubleshooting, inspections, panel cleaning and production analysis for solar farms, commercial and industrial plants, buildings or facilities.   

Let use help you continue to provide the best services to your customers by offering our top-notch, 24hour excellent service to keep your company at the fore-front of its competetitors. 


To find out more about the services we offer, please contact us below.