Solar Service Options


Keep your system protected all year long by choosing from our afforadable solar care options, or bundle services for even more savings.

Panel Cleaning

Solar panel cleaning using the proper equipment can make all the difference when it comes to energy production. Our crew uses a proven technique to remove dirt & debris that can reduce efficiency of your panels.

Operation & Maintenance

By using Supreme Power's excellent maintenance program, you will never have to worry about your system under-producing or inverter failures.  We provide worry-free solar services.  Simply select which package plan you'd like to sign up for to get started. 

Monitoring and Consumption

Maximize your energy credits every month.  Minimize you annual bill with our software by getting real-time updates on both your solar production and your energy consumption.

Addition and System Upgrades

Is it time for an upgrade?

If you recently increased your monthly energy usage in your home, we can help you affordably add more panels so you can offset your annual usage.

Critter Guards

Did you know that damage to your solar system caused by animals isn't covered under any standard contractor warranty?  Get protected with a critter guard installation.

Troubleshooting and Repair

Having problems with your current solar system and it doesnt seem that its producing as it should? Give us a call!  We'll do a full mock up of your system and make the necessary repairs to get you back on track to saving.  

Removal and Reinstall

Moving from one location to another?

We can remove your system safely from your existing home and reinstall it at the new destination hassle-free.  

Energy Audit and Reports

Find out if your solar system is working properly by having our team perform a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report of our findings. 

Solar Thermal Energy

Your solar hot water isnt getting hot as it use too?  Your solar hot water system might be experiencing some issues.  No worries!  Our experienced technicians will get your system back up and running.

Solar Disaster Recovery

Has a storm, tornado or any Act-of-God destroyed your solar system beyond repair?  Supreme Power can fix any major or minor damages caused by nature.  We guarantee it! 

Engineering and Design

If you are in the process of adding solar panels to your existing home or your company is in need of solar system design services?  Then Supreme Power is the right fit for you!   

Existing Solar Company Services

Many residental and commercial solar companies are inundated with the day-to-day operations of running their business.  If your company has residential or commercial solar systems and are unsure of the status, having continuous production issues, roof leaks, etc.  We are here to help!

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